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AnilKumar Sahu has closely determined the working of the film industry by working with film production companies during a career spanning eight years. He has grown in film industry by working diligently on promos, movies and ad films. Since 2012, he has been sharing his expertise on the film sets as an Assistant Art Director.

Some of the reputed media companies that AnilKumar Sahu had worked with include Sony Entertainment, Star Plus, Zee Entertainment, Film & Shots, Oberoi IBC India Pvt. Ltd., OML Entertainment, CRV Films, Razor Blade Films, Rising Sun Films and Bubble Wrap Films. He has also had the privilege of working with Santosh Prajapati, Sanjay Srivastav, Ramen Das, Anil Kumar Sahu and Kailash Sahu.

What We Do

We at AnilKumar Sahu, as a team will assist you with every step of the filmmaking process. Whether you wish to create a complete film or simply want support in specific filmmaking areas, we are able to assist you with the necessary support. Also, we do our best to lend support for your ad film, movie or promo ads as per your budget and limitations.

As a team, we lend our expertise in filmmaking services which include Location Scouting/Recce, Budget & Estimates, Property Planning & Arrange, Set Construction / Studios Filming. We assure you of timely and reliable services as per your needs.



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